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Let Dynamic Training Help You Reach Your Personal Goals!

Welcome to Dynamic Training Studio where we are here to offer you something you cannot get anywhere else under one roof.

Donna Madonia has been in business for 24 years and finally decided to open up a her own studio, so she may offer the community a full variety of wellness.

Donna wanted a place for people to feel comfortable to go to.  We have a relaxed environment that really sets it apart from intimidating gyms. A place where you can have fun and a place where we can teach you “How to create a balance thru all aspects of wellness”.

 We are dedicated to giving you the skills and knowledge you need to live a happier, healthier and longer life.  Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels can experience a Private, (one on one), Semi-Private, (two to four people) and Small Group Classes and Workshops. 

We have the top certified fitness professionals on the south shore ready help you reach your goals. Our trainers will motivate, teach, and inspire you to set and attain your own personal wellness goals.

We offer services from;  Personal Training, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, TRX, Water Fitness, 5K, Spinning, Nutrition Counseling, Arthritis, Teens, etc.  You will work closely with your trainer and learn how to reduce risk factors, change unwanted habits, manage stress, and meet life’s milestones with optimism and vitality.

Depending on what your needs and goals, most sessions will include some focus on flexibility, muscular strengthening and cardiovascular endurance. Other areas might include injury rehabilitation, sport-specific conditioning, functional training, core fitness, balance, agility, and weight loss. You will work with a highly skilled fitness professional that will evaluate your needs and goals, and then design a customized program perfect for you.

 We are a small private studio  - by appointment only.

Dynamic Training Studio welcomes you to check out us out see what we offer and welcome you to tell us what you would like us to offer.

We are here for you! Please call us today and let us give you the information you need to get you where you need to be.


​ALL Personal Training done at the Studio & The VRF CLub in The Pinehills 

​or in your Home or Business


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