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​​​​​Dynamic Training & Dynamic FOODWorx

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​​​Packaged Foods only have very limited ingredients.

Cali'flour Foods Pizza Crusts(Contains Dairy)  $15.95
Cali'flour Foods Pizza Crusts  (Vegan) $17.95
Cali'flour Foods  Collagen Wraps $15.95

Cali'flour Foods Single Crusts Original 8.95

Cali'flour Foods Single Crusts Plain $8.95

Cali'flour Foods Single Crust Pumpkin Spice $8.95

Cali'flour Foods Pasta $8.95

Cali'flour Foods Thin Crsips $8.95

Pick up Location; 

Dynamic Training Studio   
112 State rd. Sagamore Beach   

Can deliver to; TBA​  

VRF Club in the Pinehills   
30 Golf Drive Plymouth MA

Healthy Prepared Meals and Foods   "Just Heat & Serve"

​​Look no further because...      Chef D'Lite Meals      has solved your healthy meal problem!

Whether you're on a diet and want to keep your meals on track, are training for competitions, or are busy mom and dad with kids you want to feed well, we can help.  

Let 30 years of meal planning and execution work for YOU.

Call or email Darren today at 508-737-8073 He will get you rolling and make sure all your needs are taken care of!

Executive Chef, Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Expert  and

Owner of Dynamic Training Donna Madonia...

​Has teamed up with currently 2  Professional Companies to bring Meals to you and your family. 

*We only work with local and high quality foods.


 ​Monday Pick up Only   "for the week"   

6:00PM if you cannot make this time we can make other arrangements for you!

Dynamic Training Studio 112 State Rd. Sagamore Beach

Orders must be placed by Friday's noon

Orders must be Placed by Saturday Noon

Call 508-888-3418 for more info

We carry Cali'flour  FOODS product Line in studio!

Scroll down to pre-order pay cash or check in Studio when you pick up on Mondays